M Sand Manufacturers and Suppliers

M Sand - M sand is used as a substitute for river sand for construction purposes.
It is a crushed aggregates produced from hard rock stone
which is cubically shaped with grounded edges and other characteristics to replace the requirement of river sand.
Sreeram Minerals Due to lack and scarcity of natural river sand, M sand is used as an alternative fine aggregate for construction Buying M sand is not difficult task as it is easily available in market but choosing the right quality of M sand for best price is a real task. Un-approved M sand and quarry dust is being supplied in Bangalore as M sand.

Sreeram Minerals determines the workability strength durability properties and important characteristics in M sand before it is supplied to you. It is an important aspect to know the quality of M sand which is being used in construction. Buying M sand from Sand Masters gives you the advantage of quality assurance. We check quality of M sand through different processes such as SIEVE ANALYSIS, SILT CONTANT, WORKABILITY, CUBE TEST FOR COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH AND OPTICAL MICROSCOPIC STUDY TO CHECK PARTICLE SHAPE.
We recommend suitable quality of M sand for concrete and plastering requirements.